Exercise your brain

“Learning how to learn is life’s most important skill.” A quote by Tony Buzan and something I can resonant with in my years of teaching. I find that helping our future generation to better equip themselves on how to deal with different situations or experiences, is as important than what they learn.

Neurobic Exercises are activities we can do to help build our mental power and memory.  Research suggests that certain types of activities can be beneficial for our brain’s health.

1. Exercise your body-  Taking care of our body equals to taking care of your mind. Studies have shown that exercising for 30 minutes daily can make you smarter and protect your brain from shrinkage. Eleminate the negative and eat a healthy diet.

2. Learn a new skill- Pick up a new skill that you would like to do. Learn to play an instrument, pick up a brush and paint how you are feeling, cook-up a tasty dinner. Learning a new skill activates your brain, creates new neurons, makes connections and challenges the mind.

3. Meditation- Through out the day our mind goes through a number of thoughts. This can be exhausting. Meditation can help you calm the mind, be mindful and aware of your surroundings. Studies suggest that with meditation our brain creates new neural pathways resulting in an increase in mental flexibility.

4. Breathing Exercises- Learning how to breathe with a few techniques can activate your brain and be mindful. An example, take in a breathe for 2 counts, hold for 4 counts and release for 2 counts. You can do this with 4:16:4, as well. These breathing exercises help in increasing your memory. Yoga is another way to control your breathing as each asana (body position) requires you to hold your breath and release at the next.

5. Brain games/teasers- Play games, word puzzles, read brain teasers, jokes, color games, and more. Doing these fun and simple games are not only fun but makes you think. This is what we want, because it will challenge your mind and activate your brain as you are using both hemisphere of the brain. It activates your logical and reasoning side as well as the creativity side.


Stay safe!

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