Power of mind maps

Mind maps were first popularized by Tony Buzan, these pictorial methods of learning or acquiring knowledge has been seen as one of the learning methods that support brainstorming, memory, problem solving, and visual thinking.

It is one such method, that I have incorporated in my teaching styles as well as in my own learning. Here, are a few ways I have used it.

1. Story writing
2. Concept learning (Science, Math etc)
3. Grammar connections
4. Making connections between subjects/ chapters
5. History
And many more ways

Making connections between subjects is one most effective way that gives students the opportunity to make real life connections as well. Subject integration is not only effective but also makes learning interesting. For example, if a child dislikes or has difficulty in grasping math concepts, but with integration with another subject like English, we can make stories using the math concepts or vocabulary. The integration allows students to make connections and learning fun.

Happy using your colourful and inventive Mind maps!

Stay safe!

2 thoughts on “Power of mind maps

  1. Mindmaps are very useful tools that have been discussed in education since 1970’s, and I remember learning about them during my formal education (way long time ago), but also in my teacher education back in 2001-2003 in Finland. I used them in planning and wtiting my dissertation. They are one of the very important learning strategies and I think we should introduce all students to the use of mindmaps!

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    1. I agree. Sometimes we get so caught up in teaching the concepts or explanations of the lessons. We forget how to guide our young learners the different strategies such as mind maps to help them learn. Mind maps is not only a learning tool but also can be used in various other fields/ situations.

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