When chocolate makes the day

Chocolate! Chocolate cake, chocolate bar, chocolate coffee, chocolate chip cookies, hot or cold chocolate. Doesn’t that sound appetizing.

Chocolate does have it’s health benefits if eaten moderately. Though it has high fat and sugar content which when consumed can be associated with high blood pressure, diabetes and obesity. However, if eaten moderately, studies show that chocolate contains biologically active phenolic compounds. Dark chocolate may also contain less fat and sugar, as higher the content of cocoa the better. If eaten moderately, it can lower cholesterol level, increase cognitive development. But also note, few studies have been conducted on this. So, eat ‘moderately’, and enjoy it.

Chocolate is one of my comfort foods. It’s my remedy to when I have the sniffles. Also, when stress takes over, chocolate just makes the day a little better. A little excitement in my stomach. If I am happy, then isn’t that good for my health?!

Have a little chocolate once in a while. Give yourself that boost. Let your endorphins rise ( endorphins are a chemical produced by the body to relieve stress and pain.)

Be happy and stay safe.

Chocolate raisin buns

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