How do you learn best?

I believe we all are different and hence, we learn differently. We learn best through visuals or by listening to a recording or by doing something practical related.

One strategy that has worked for me in my classrooms, for my students to better understand or learn something new are through graphic organizers. Graphic organizers make connections of facts and concepts by integrating visuals and texts. As I’ve learned through my years of teaching, students are able to grasp heavier concepts much easier and faster with the help of graphic organizers as compared to note taking or just reading through. It may be as simple as a pyramid or just a flow chart of important points needed to be learnt.

If you have noticed, alot of presentations are created using graphic organizers, so why not use them with our kids to help them grasp information through visuals charts to represent and organize our students ideas or knowledge. The coolest thing about this strategy is you can use this with any grade level, right from kindergarten to well, whenever you need to use one. It has also been proven to be an highly effective tool for gifted children and students with special needs.


Let’s make our classes organized with fun.

2 thoughts on “How do you learn best?

  1. You are so correct: taking notes doesn’t help students to learn as much as we seem to think. Learning to learn (or metacognition in general) is one of the most important parts of education – alas, we are not helping our students enough in that area. Apart from learning styles (dedunked by research many times) we all DO have our chosen learning approaches (deep learning, surface learning or strategic learning) AND a collection of learning strategies we use. Graphic organizers is one of the great strategies!

    🙂 Nina
    Here is the deep learning link:

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