Think- Pair- Share, is an instructional practice, where the teacher pauses between his/her class, asks the students to take a moment and think about the question, reflect on it. Students then, find a partner and share their responses or thoughts with that partner.

Instructional Practices

This practice has assisted me in my physical classes more times than I thought.

If you have students who struggle opening up to you or responding to your questions, this method of teaching brings out those shy, inclusive, quiet kids out of their seats  to share their thoughts with someone who they are comfortable with. This practice helps them to be open and share their thoughts and ideas.

Apart from the student social development within the class, you realise you save much more time in teaching. Giving this practice about 5-10 minutes of time, depending on the question and how much of sharing is required based on the topic. Using the Think- Pair-share technique, allows you to focus on other parts of your teaching like concept building, independent work, group work etc.

Students too enjoy this sharing method. It gives them a chance to walk around, stretch, talk to a friend and share a laugh or two. Students sitting in one location more than 15-20 minutes can get restless and loose focus. Hence, giving them this opportunity, makes the classroom interesting and interactive rather than boring and monotonous.

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