Making feedback simple

As an educator/ teacher we constantly get feedback based on our work, the way we teach, treat our students. Our lesson plans are looked over, class observations and then you have the “debrief”. The nail biting, energy taking, countering discussion that you have with another.

‘Feedback- noun, information or comments about something that you have done which tells you how good or bad it is.’

I think even as you give feedback, there’s got to be some room for learning in it. It’s a skill to give effective feedback and those who have it, can make the opposite person feel comfortable and open to information. That’s the whole reason for feedbacks.

Since I prefer making simple things, I try the 3-2-1 strategy. Works with anything. It is concise, simple to remember and effective.

3 things you liked

3- Note down 3 things you liked. Even if you have more, that’s even better. Sometimes, we find it hard to find the positive things and hence, this forces you to look further.

2- Ask them , what would they like to change in that situation? It has to be only 2 things. It could be about a presentation in a meeting, a class presentation (for kids), telling a teacher how they did in the class they took, even telling your kids how they behave. It could be anything. Make them reflect back, and sure, there is always room for change.

And last, 1 thing you will want them to work on for better results. Remember, it’s a suggestion you are providing to them. Give your opinion, and focus on the important point.

As you try this, notice the change in the environment, when you have to tell someone ‘how they did’. They are reflective, open to change and consider people’s opinions and effectively show progress in their own work.

Have a lovely feedback day!

Stay safe! ❤️

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