Mountain or Sea? What’s your take?

I get asked this question alot, since I enjoy treking, traveling and somedays just a day out. Where would you prefer to be, mountain or Sea?

If you asked me this a year ago, without a doubt it’s the mountains. But now, since I have been living by the sea for the past 4 months, I enjoy it here as well.

So, I guess I would now choose both sides. I enjoy swimming in the sea, the smell of the salty breeze and great sea food (if you like that). The greenery and fresh dew of the mountains, the climb to reach a 360 degree view from the top, a sense of freedom and positive energies rushing in your body. Just thinking about it, gives me a rush as if I want to grab my keys and go.

Overlooking the vast lands

“Because when you stop and look around, this life is pretty amazing.” – Dr. Seuss

Where is your happy place?

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