All work and all relaxed

“Look deep into nature and then you will understand everything better” – Albert Einstein

Work… Eat… Sleep…been a crazy couple of weeks. Working online, teaching, researching etc, etc. Is this something I would want to continue in the days to come. Absolutely no!

On one of my lunch days with family and friends, I was called in to take one lecture for my students. So, I carried my ipad, headphone and hoping to have a quiet place to sit at (at a restaurant) I left.

Just as it was time for my afternoon class, I looked around for a spot. And there ! A little spot under a tree by the river. A little breezy and warm. As the class was mid way, I realised how scenic and beautiful the surrounding was that my class was a lot more relaxed and hence fun too. I even showed my kids where I sat and we ended up talking about their favourite place to sit when they study.

It is truly amazing how a change in work space can sometimes bring a different mind set.

Work by the river

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