Innovation in education

What’s innovation to you? Is it creating something different? Or new? Or making changes to what’s already existing?

In education, “innovation” is a term we use almost everyday. Teachers trying to create new exciting lessons. Students coming up with ideas, illustrating it, writing it down or just playing it. With this new age of technology, social media, why only use it in business and technical classes?!

Innovation. Educators around the globe are inventing every day. In this past year (2020) take for example, the drastic shift from face-to-face learning to online classes for all ages has seen a major use of technical support and innovation in almost every home. Despite the immediate changes, educators ‘innovated’ their teaching strategies. No doubt, educational platforms were a great support and teachers coming together sharing ideas and their teaching inventions have been shared in webinars and other courses.

We talk about innovation with help of technology and it’s technical uses, what about innovation in communication? No, I’m not talking about cellular phones, video calling or hologram communication. I’m talking about personal communication. How have we as educators ‘innovated’ our environment for our students to be able to communicate, openly, safe and without judgement?

“Innovation- not only technology but also in communication”. Image

Share your innovation in the comments.

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