Creative Writing Rubric

Rubric for Creative Writings

Rubrics! What are they?

With the dictionary meaning, as a set of instructions in a book, exam paper etc. they are what it says. But how effective are they? Do I need to use it every time and at every class or plan created? No, but it is up to you.

The idea of a rubric is to help you and your students to know what is expected and instructions to help your students to give their best work. In short, they are just guideline.

Apart from that, it works well in my class. Creating a short rubric for my Unit plan or lesson plan gives me (personally) an idea or flow of what I expect from my students. Also, it guides my students what to do and what I am expecting with clear instructions. Students working in groups or individually can complete their assigned work just following a set of instructions with limited adult supervision.

Here, below is a rubric for a creative writing plan that can help you in most (if not all) writing classes. It is really easy to use and understand for students. It has the basic requirements needed in a short essay. Accordingly, you can edit it that best suits you.


Use of correct grammar and tenses15+ mistakes10-14 mistake5-9 mistakes0-4 mistakes
Use of specified vocabulary0-3 words4-6 words6-9 words10+ words
Fluency0-1 items listed2-3 items listed3-4 items listed5 items listed
MechanicsNO capital letters and punctuationsMany mistakes in capital & punctuations used (7-9)Some mistakes in capital & punctuation used (3-5)Capital letters & punctuations are used correctly in expected places. 
OriginalityNACOmmon Categories usedSomewhat unusual categoriesHighly novel
ElaborationNo sentences elaborated about the itemsPoorly elaborated sentences about the itemFew sentences about the items listed and use of itDescriptive sentences about the items listed and the use of it.