Ride on “The Life”

When things come crashing down, the expression “if you fall, you must get back on your feet”, is always around the corner.  How true it can be. Each one has their own expression of getting back on their feet. Whatever it may be it some how works for them.

I used to say ‘life is like a roller-coaster ride’, its full of fun, excitement, ups and downs, screaming, laughing and even sometimes crying. But in the end, your happy, either because it’s over or the ride was fun, or because you sat with a close person you could count on and enjoy with.

I always used to know or observe in other people around me that basically in life, it’s like two sides of a coin, we have good on one side and we have bad on the other. I would listen to people talk about how their situation at home is or with their loved ones would be, both good and bad. But it’s funny, we say “there was a fight at home” or “my boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife is behaving stupid” etc, but in the end I think we still call it ‘our home’ or ‘i love  him/her’.

With every good there has to be something bad, and vise-verse. It may not even be the worst thing that can happen to someone or the best, but it’s still around. Just when you can think that everything is perfect, there is bound to be something that can cause an alteration in the ‘perfect’. But that’s what it is. It’s life!

Nothing can be so difficult for us to handle, we just have to find a way to deal with the situation to make it ‘perfect’ (i think). To think of it, if God wanted us to suffer we wouldn’t have the word “good” or “hope” or “trust” etc. in our dictionary.

My life isn’t perfect, it’s a roller-coaster ride i must say, but i’v come to realize that “With suffering come salvation“. That’s what i’v come to accept in life.


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