First Impressions

It was a rainy day, a cold day you just want to lay in bed under the sheets, put on a movie and relax. That’s what I was doing. Until, a friend called and asked to meet for coffee nearby. Feeling lazy, I did manage to get up, put my movie on pause, got dressed and left to meet her.

Parking is such a problem here, had to go round the block 3 times to park my car near the coffee shop. But at least I finally did. I entered the coffee shop saw my friend, ‘Yen’ sitting with another friend of hers. We were introduced to each other. His name was ‘Stalin’. Though he did look familiar I did not say anything. Yen and I  started talking and catching up on past events. It was all a good and interesting. Yen teasing Stalin and I watching the fun and listening to them. while Stalin was scanning the room for cute girls although we didn’t find many. After some time, we went to sit out side the coffee shop and we sat in a circle. Talking about one of our mutual friends and remenising about the past and good times of our college days, we come to a topic where Yen and I ask Stalin about his first impression about us. After much teasing and force he gave in and told us what he felt about us.

After listening to him, most of which was accurate in his observation towards us and describing what he thought, I felt it little strange. Not because he judged me or just said the truth (most of it), but because a stranger, a person I did not ever meet before (or at least thought so) said the most accurate things. So it got me thinking, what was it I said till then, how was my posture or my interests in the conversation up till then? In all that I was doing since the time I met them, what was it that gave away the cues for his accurate conclusion? No doubt he was a good listener, a good talker surely knew how to flirt his way through. But still. In that 30 minutes of talking , he got to know alot about me even when I did not divulge any personal infomation other than my name and my place of work.

I guess what i’m saying is that first impressions are strong. Be careful what you reveal 🙂



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