The Pearl by John Steinbeck

The story is simple, easy to understand not only because of it’s easy language but because each one of us has faced a situation like Kino the pearl diver.

Kino a poor man making ends meat, with a family to feed (a wife and baby son) finds a big pearl “Pearl of the world”. Kino is happy and thinks that now with the big pearl he can educate his son buy clothes for his family and support his family better. But when his son gets stung by a scorpion, Kino has to find a way to pay the doctor for the treatment. once the whole town comes to hear of the big pearl that Kino has found, people start to get greedy. Kino’s house gets attacked. Juana, see’s that the pearl is causing darkness and greed sneaks out to throw the pearl back into the sea, but Kino finds her and slaps her. Later, Kino is attacked and in the fight he kill his attacker. Later, they try to leave the town to the city to sell the pearl, but unfortunately they had been followed by trackers. As Kino and his family hide in a cave, Kino tries to attack the trackers and kills them. Unfortunately for him, after the shooting, Kino goes back to the cave and see’s the unexpected and then, Kino and his family go back to town and wish for no more darkness in their lives.

“the Pearl of the world” who wouldn’t want it, but what everyone wants with it is happiness and freedom.

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