CHRISTMAS HOLIDAY by W. Somerset Maugham

This is about a boy Charley Mason who is brought up in a rich well-to -do educated family. Although he has everything, he wishes to spend the Christmas holidays in Paris. His father helps pay for all the expenses. As usual  like any man, he is happy to be staying away from his family and experiencing Paris on his own.

But, an unexpected turn of events comes his way.

Charley meets Lydia. As Charley waits for his friend in Paris but unfortunately to him has been stood-up and so then  meets Lydia a Russian woman who works as a moll in a bar. Lydia happens to stay with Charley for a few days. In those few days Charley’s life changes. Lydia shares with him stories about her life, of how after the Russian Revolution she had to run away, and now to earn a living she has to work as a prostitute. Charley treats her with respect, gets food to her and even takes her out to see the museums. Even though Charley had come to Paris many times with his family and had seen a number of museums and painting, but what he had learned form Lydia was not what he had never thought of or even may have understood it. She had helped him open his eyes to a whole new world.

Even though he had come to Paris for an eventful holiday, he took back something that would change his life forever for the better.

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