books? books! books?

Reading, reading, reading! What to read? What books are there? Are books interesting?

From the begining of time, stories have always been an interest to man. Stories of all kinds, some that are personal, some imaginative some terror and so much more. People of different cultures, background, rich, poor, would some how put down their thoughts in writting making a beautiful love story or an adventure book.

Today or in the recent times, not many people have an interest in reading books. youngsters may find it boring or time wasted. In todays world, the media, television, technology have taken over far so much that the new generation of today have taken advantage of this new technology that the simple pleasures of reading has decreased.

Although there are people and youngsters who do read a number of books, the majority has decreased. There has been a number of movies since it’s either got their favourite actors or it’s easier to watch and understand the movie and has more entertainment than reading a book.

The interesting part of a book is the way or knowing how the writer or author wants the reader to interpret or comprehend his words. The beauty of it is the readers imagination can take different turns while reading a book. The writer writes in a way that helps the readers use their imagination and would get glued to the book.

A book is like a treasure, it can never go to waste, it’s the beauty of the relationship between the author and the reader.

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